How To Remove Copyright Claims From My Music?

how to remove copyright from exclusive beats

You own a license but you have received a copyright claim from YouTube? Don’t worry!

In order to automatically recognize and control copyrighted content on its site, YouTube uses a technology called Content ID. The property ID technology can identify copyrighted music when someone uses an exclusive rhythm, and the original copyright holder can choose to monetize or restrict the video containing their property.

To prevent use without the correct license, each instrument is registered with a Content ID administrator.  It blocks temporarily the monetization, but you don´t have to worry about it, in most cases it is not an issue at all. The only method to guarantee that only artists with a current license are legally monetizing their videos is by using this mechanism.

When you purchase any license from us, there is no limitation on a number of streams, plays, sales, or downloads. After selling an exclusive beat, we are no longer permitted to sell or license the beat to others.

What Is Differences Between Unlimited Lease Beats And Exclusive Rights?

If you purchased any license from us you can unlimited monetize your song. We believe, this is the best way to support artists. Profits could be significantly larger than with other platforms that are restricted to a particular amount of sales, streams, and plays.

The main benefit of an Unlimited License is that you can sell, stream, and play, monetize your song without worrying about a streaming cap for a reasonably modest price. In other words, you are not limited to (say) 6,000 sold copies or 100,000 Spotify streams.

Unlimited license seems to be similar to an exclusive license in many ways, however there are several key distinctions.

  • It is non-exclusive. Producers can sell it to others as well, so you won’t be the only one having such a license.
  • The normal 50/50 split for publishing rights is frequently stipulated in the agreement. In contrast to exclusive rights, there is no split. The exclusive owner as an artist has full ownership of the beat to the extent that they will be the last person to purchase it. The beat taken down from sale.
  • Exclusive beats are more expensive, but they are a better option for serious projects.

Finally, buying exclusive beats is an excellent way to support indie producers. You are not only getting high-quality beats for your song when you purchase exclusive beats; you are also supporting independent producers in their trade. This is an excellent method to give back to the community while also encouraging creativity and innovation in the music industry.

Contact us using the form below if you have any questions about claims you may have on YouTube or other platforms, Sample Clearance information, or if you have any Unlimited or Exclusive license with monetization rights.

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