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What Is Exclusive Rights For Beats?

A musical composition or instrumental track’s ownership and control are generally referred to as “exclusive rights.” The following benefits are yours when you buy exclusive rights to a beat:

  • The purchaser acquires full ownership of the beat and is granted the only right to use it for their own projects.
  • There are no limitations on how many projects the purchaser may use the beat in.
  • The beat is removed from sale and can no longer be purchased by other musicians or producers. This guarantees the purchaser a distinctive and exclusive sound.
  • The buyer can modify the beat by changing the arrangement, adding or removing components, or modifying it to fit the requirements of the project.

You have come to the right place if you are looking for exclusive beats that are 100% exclusive. All of the exclusive instrumental beats in the beat store above are %100 unique.

Exclusive Rights



What Is Exclusive Rights For Beats?

Greetings from Bedel Beats, your one-stop shop for premium, exclusive rap beats. With our painstakingly created beats, which are designed to accentuate your own style and vision, you can elevate your sound and leave your stamp on the music business.

We at Bedel Beats know what true uniqueness and exclusivity are all about. Because of this, every beat in our collection is meticulously and passionately created, guaranteeing that every track is unique. Our wide selection of beats has something for everyone, regardless of experience level or stage of development in music.

When you can own the remarkable, why settle for the ordinary? By using our distinctive beats, you’re investing in your artistic abilities and releasing the possibility of unmatched creativity rather than merely buying music. Beats that resonate with sincerity and originality can help you stand out from the pack and make a lasting impact.

Bedel Beats will make a difference. Explore our selection now to find the ideal sound to enhance your upcoming project. Start your path to musical brilliance at


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We Sell High Quality Exclusive Beats

The majority of producers simultaneously sell their beats as exclusive and with leasing rights. This means that a beat that has been purchased is typically not entirely exclusive. In other words, other musicians may have previously leased the beat. Such a beat comes with unlimited rights if you purchase it with exclusive rights, and the producer is no longer permitted to sell the beat. But the beat typically does not belong to you alone.

Every beat you see on our exclusive beats page has never been sold before

Completely unused exclusive beats

Once they have been sold, our exclusive beats are removed from the beat store.

When you purchase one of our cheap exclusive beats, you not only save money but also become the proud owner of a beat that can only be used by you.

How To Purchase

Select Beats

Browse Beats in the BeatStore. Click “ADD” next to the Beats you wish to order and select the type of license you want for the beats.

Buy Beats

Proceed to the checkout page and choose whether you want to pay via PayPal or credit card.

Download Beats

Within seconds after payment, you will receive the beats without tags. All files will be sent to your email address in the form of download links.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How can ı buy beats on your website?

Click + next to a beat and select the license you want to purchase. Repeat this step for the desired number of beats. Click the “Buy Now” in the top right corner. Choose whether you want to pay with PayPal or credit card. Instantly after purchase you will receive your download-links via email.

How to get buy 1, Get 2 bulk deal?

ALL BEATS ARE BUY 1, GET 2 FREE: To Take Advantage, Add 3 beats of the same license to the cart, and the discount applies automatically.

Do you produce custom order beats and instrumentals?

Yes, we produce custom, exclusive beats for selected clients. If you are considering to order a custom instrumental from us, get in touch through the link :

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal or credit card payments. In special cases, bank transfers are possible as well. Contact us for further questions.

What is the difference between the ''unlimited'' license?

Unlimited license” is a comprehensive music licensing agreement that provides extensive rights and flexibility in using a particular beat or instrumental track. 

  1. Freedom to Use: The buyer can use the beat for an unlimited number of projects without any additional costs or restrictions. Whether it’s for albums, singles, or multiple tracks, there’s no limit to how many times the beat can be used.

  2. Unlimited Sales: The buyer can sell an unlimited number of copies or units of their song that uses the beat. This allows the buyer to maximize their potential profits without worrying about reaching a sales cap.

In summary, an unlimited license beat offers buyers a comprehensive and flexible licensing option that allows them to use the beat freely, maximize their profits, and tailor the beat to their creative needs without any ongoing costs or restrictions.

Can you help me mix and master my tracks?

Yes, we can mix master your final tracks. Check out our mixing and mastering page to hear examples and prices : Link : Master My Track

Can ı download beats for free?

Yes! We also offer free downloads for most of our instrumentals. These ‘free beats’ may only be used for non-commercial purposes and contain voice tags. In other words you are allowed to upload your song to YouTube, Soundcloud etc. but you are not allowed to monetize it. To download a free beat, please click on the green arrow next to a beat. Enter your name and email address and the download link will be emailed to you

What happens if two people buy non-exclusive rights for the same beat?

The non-exclusive license (leasing) is sufficiently limited, and the possibility of the two songs with the same beat ever crossing paths is equivalent to zero. All limitations can be eliminated by purchasing exclusive rights (which are sold for one person only).

Can I download the files directly after I make the payment?

Yes, You will be taken to a secure download location where you can immediately download the files after completing the payment.

There will also be a follow-up email with download links included.

What happens if I’ve bought a non-exclusive license and later somebody purchases exclusive rights for the same beat?

Nothing. By purchasing a non-exclusive license you receive a digital agreement that grants you certain rights for its use, as long as the contractual conditions are not violated.

Will the security VOICE TAG will be removed when I purchase the beat?

Will the security VOICE TAG be removed when I purchase the beat? Yes. Just as soon as the payment is settled, you’ll instantly an untagged version of the beat.

After I purchase it, is the beat removed from the site?

It depends. By purchasing a non-exclusive license you don’t become the owner of the purchased beat. A non-exclusive license can be sold multiple times, unlike an exclusive license. Exclusive rights, however, are sold to only one person and, as soon as the purchase has been made, we remove the beat from

What does “tracked-out” mean, exactly?

It means that every detail of the beat (the kick drum, the snare drum, hi-hats, samples, instruments etc.) will each come in a separate high-quality WAV audio file, in tracks. This way, you or your audio engineer will have more control over editing, mixing and mastering the beat and the song.

How long will I have to wait to receive the beats I purchase?

All links are sent automatically, as soon as the payment has been settled,you can download instantly.

How can I settle the payment if I don’t have a PayPal account?

You don’t necessary need a PayPal account. It is also possible to use your Master, Visa or American Express card. As soon as you press the “Buy Now” button, you will be transferred to the PayPal page, where you will be able to choose whether you want to pay using your PayPal account or a PayPal, guest account, or with any of the aforementioned cards.

What is the difference between exclusive rights and non-exclusive rights (leasing)?

Non-exclusive (leasing) rights means that the beat is still owned by Bedel. The lessee receives limited rights for the use of the purchased beat and can use it for one profitable project with the sales limit of up to 10.000 copies. Exclusive rights, however, grant full ownership of the beat and you can do everything you want with it, except for selling to a third party. Exclusive rights can be sold to only one person and, as soon as the beat’s exclusive license has been sold, it is removed from our site and we cease its sale. For the prices of the exclusive rights contact us at:

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